tooth brudh

I essay a thing or two
But bitter emotions have chocked
All utterances
Am left silent as a dumb
Yet so loud in my mind
My love,
I still am not the same.
You rushed out in a haste
I remember
Yelling to me as you opened the door
That you’d be back in a while
Its now million whiles and still counting
The all-happy moments that i never
Imagined to end,came crumbling to ashes
Seeing lying there dead
Wearing my black t-shirt
Which was your favourite
You did come back as you said
But only a body and without a soul
My love,apart from the memories
I still have your tooth brush
That reminds me of every morning
Shower we shared!
I look at it and imagine you
Holding it,standing in front of
Our bathroom mirror
Ooh! What a beautiful view
Sad how short-lived our love was
Every single day without you
It’s as if am sinking amidst
The bitter waters of misery
From the unfathomable depths
Of which I should never rise again
Like a chimney casting a faint ray
Of light across the dark hall
I hope a day will come and we’ll be
Together again
Yes my love, a hope that’s what I have
Together with your toothbrush.



This poem is all written by a friend, a poetess, who we once had a conversation on the idea. I had  the idea of the title but I didn’t know what to write down at the time so I thought of passing it to someone who I believed could. Well, I must agree, it was well done. Well, you can check her blog here di_goddess_of_poetry



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