I was 7 years old,

You were my class mate,

You said I didn’t have a fancy maths set.


Then I was 10 years old,

I asked to be your mate,

You said no I didn’t skate, but I had a maths set.



Then I was 15,

I had an old maths set and a new skate,

But I couldn’t afford you a bracelet.


To college we went,

I asked for a time we could spend,

You made me your best friend.


He showed up to you,

You asked for what he could bring,

An iphone, which every time he would ring.


I was left but alone,

I had nothing but regrets why couldn’t I afford love

So I invested on my grades, a doctor, to be I loved.


10 years later,

A new iphone I bought, for my wife

And that precious ring, we have a happy life.


Last time I saw you,

You were looking for a man with Ferrari,

Now 2 years 40 due, stii have no man to marry.


‎Sunday, ‎January ‎22, ‎2017, ‏‎11:52:55 AM

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